Behind the Scenes with Saber chan

This page was last updated on August 26, 2014 (I assembled the ~300 image scrapbook below over the weekend). Welcome to the In-Depth About Page! Unfortunately by the time you see this page, I will probably no longer be able updating Feofans. Please enjoy this last project of mine!

Submissions and Thank You

Of the 78 posts made from May 13th to July 30th: 11 stories were e-mail submissions and 67 were developed by Feofans after personally attending TTS raids. Of the 67 posts, some were later complemented by third-party image submissions, which I will mention below. The journey has been challenging because I was a ghost, but it has indeed been a fun journey. In an effort to hopefully promote third-party submissions, I "feigned" submission activity by giving credit for many posts to Katsuragi Misato, Tuturu Mayushiidesu, Imari Kurumi, Saber chan, Hinagiku, and KmTmIkScHina, but they are, of course, a single person. Unfortunately the bystander effect has been the dominant phenomenon, and third-party submissions have been relatively rare.

Most of the screenshots of events and players were taken while I was trying my best to be a paparazzi during raids (all those leader banners were cropped and edited from screenshots I took). On the other hand, Revenge's, Holy Runner's, Master of Swordsmen's, Xandaru's, and Atlantino's avatars were provided by the players themselves - thank you very much! Of the 259 media elements on Feofans's front page (not including images below on this page), 74 images, 5 avatars, 1 audio recording, and 2 videos were third-party submissions, and I sincerely thank those parties for their submissions.

I would like to thank Paddy for his Charr Party and Condition-Team submissions, Feo & Sushi for their Quaggan Teq submission, Milixy for the Blue Cobalt Wurm submission, Feo & Paddy for their Banana Wurm submission, Merforga for his Pink Wurm Monday submission, Deathrifyer for his TTS Onery Crab screenshot, Sasu & Feo for the Knightwalker family photos, Diviner for his Death+Diviner-Belinda submission, Ymir for his Ymiracle submission, Kalak for providing the receipt for his sale of the Lover, Sasu for his Leaderless Wurm Kill submission, Revenge for providing screenshots for the LBJ's Tribulation Wurm post, Sasu again for his image of Feo sleeping, and Roxanna for supplementing the post about Deathrifyer's pre-megaserver Tequatl record with his video.

I would like to thank Paddy for his wonderful Death of Deathrifyer song submission.

I would also like to thank Yroul, Atlantino, Regenfang, Excalibur, Gnab, Dark Spadaa, and Zeinath for submitting images of dead-Deathrifyer. Thank you as well to Roxanna and Atlantino for letting me copy-paste your tales from map-chat. Thank yous to Roxanna for his House Highwind and House Knightwalker banners as well.


I was fortunate enough to have been present during many amazing TTS events such as: when wonderful leaders such as Holy Runner, Cyprien, Sasu, Paddy, Djeserit, and Revenge took their leader tests, when numerous Wild Wednesdays took place, when eggs became no longer reflect-able and Paddy was testing out ele blocking, when Brother Andres, Revenge, Devalicious, and Deathrifyer set their Triple Trouble and Tequatl records, when Merf committed to Chaos Teqs and Asian Commander began pre-spawning Teq, when Atlantino wrote his tale about the BLTA, when Boss Blitz records were being set, when Zoria got her mini wurm and when she met rude people at Boss Blitz, when Xandaru debuted his Tequatl song, when Roxanna told his tales, when things went nuts on May 14th, when 24-hour Teqathon occurred and everyone was a clone of Mindu, when we discovered how to do and started farming the Battle of LA, and when we destroyed the Marionette.

I felt most at home being on a reflect team at Triple Trouble raids, and I would like to thank all the callers and fellow reflectors who I've worked with. Before the introduction of megaservers, I also felt very much at home while attending Soren's 10PM-PST Tequatl raids. In order to keep a record of the number of TTS Wurm raids during which I was on a reflect or condition team, I refrained from opening Wurm's Chests whenever I reflected or condi-ed. I also did not open Dragon Chests whenever I attended TTS Tequatl raids.

As of August 15, 2014, the count is 107 Wurm's Golden Chests, 9 Wurm's Silver Chests, and 215 rare Dragon Chests.

What & Why

Welcome to! This website is an expression of our dedication to the Guild Wars 2 [TTS] gaming community.

The idea for first came to me on April 24, 2014 during an EU Wurm Raid. I had already been in TTS for a while and was making more and more friends within the community. The send-7-copper-to-Feo hype was at an all time high. I decided to quickly set up a splash page and did not expect to update the website much after. My plans changed, however, at the May 14th NA Tequatl raid.

I was present in Teamspeak throughout the entirety of that night and witnessed the chaos first-hand. I watched the community that I called my in-game home be threatened with dissolution and experienced the confusion resonating among all the TTS members who did not understand what was occurring. Teamspeak had been compromised and rumors were being spread at a rapid pace. Dj and Deva were fortunately able to quickly move many of the remaining members to Dj's Teamspeak server in order to continue the Tequatl runs that were ongoing at the time.

Dj and Devalicious continued, unfazed amid the chaos, onto running the Wurm raid that night. I was amazed and felt an overwhelming sense of respect. I was so very proud for this community and its steadfastness. The Wurm raid succeeded that night.

After Zarzag was able to communicate with us (and also after Nolan released his Google document a few days later), I followed non-leaders such as Basandra, Roving, and Mindu in seeking to comprehend what had transpired and reassuring other TTS members about our community's future via guild chat and online message boards.

TTS-Gamers is a community where members foster friendships and constructive relationships with one another so that everyone has the most fun. Interpersonal respect is the foundational pillar on which all communities, including TTS, is built. I felt that I needed to do my part in fostering and strengthening the threads of friendships and respect among people who I considered my in-game family and friends. TTS is special for many of its members. We are bound not only by our respect for one another but also by our camaraderie. Though each of us may not necessarily enjoy the company of every single other member or share the same opinions, it is critical to understand the importance of our primary goal - to help each other enjoy this game in a way that is efficient yet free of stifling restraint.

I decided to turn into a guild social-news blog in an effort to boost community spirit and morale. I have had a lot of fun and made numerous friends along the way. I hope that you have enjoyed the website so far. This site is my way of saying THANK YOU and assisting in developing the community from the outside as a regular community member.

Special thanks to...

I would like to personally thank the following people:

  • Feo for being a beacon of happiness and positivity! Surprisingly, I didn't really know Feo and hadn't chatted with her until mid-July.
  • Merforga for welcoming me to my first TTS run and being a truly reasonable, principled, and honest human being
  • Sasu for being a humble and hard-working leader and good friend
  • Paddy for being a good friend and early proponent of Feofans and teaching me mesmer-reflect and ele-reflect!
  • Radiant Silver, Sushimao, Roxanna, and Ymir for their unwavering kindness in responding to my gestures of friendship
  • Deathrifoofoo for being a unwavering beacon of cheerfulness who always welcomed me - thank you also for being an agreeable target of so many of our jokes
  • Mindu for being the Amber-Wurm reflect Godfather, teaching me guardian-reflect, and inviting me to join the Highwind family
  • Soren for being the glorious queen of the late night NA raids where I spent the most time
  • Deva, Djeserit, and Zoria for being beacons of reason and tranquility
  • Zarzag, Soren, Kenage and many others for running Teqathon and raising community awareness
  • Cyprien for being an avid fan of Feofans and for being one of the few TTS leaders who talked with me on Steam. I hope you liked the banners of Minatsu. Make sure you check out the scrapbook below for more stuff. (Haha, so did you get your desktop's water cooling loop fixed yet? ^_~)
  • Deathrifyer, Diviner, Pebblemen, Revenge, and Brilliant Abyss for providing me lodging and welcoming me to Banarnia during Boss Blitz 2014!
  • Cassandra, Lothburk, Immi, Illidan, and Jacobbs for joyously accompanying me through dungeons
  • Contributors to Feofans including Roxanna, Ymir, Atlantino, Revenge X, Paddy, and Regenfang
  • And every other TTS leader, probie, commander, and member for making the community productive, fun, and enjoyable for everyone

Recent copypastas

  • Deathrifyer: "The Tyrant of Banarnia must be stopped at all costs!"
  • TTS PvP tourney is ongoing @, Soren's Wild Wednesdays are 10PMPST/5AMUTC, FotM dungeons w/Merf are Sunday 5AMUTC, Mondays are Pink Wurm Days, and join by sending Feodathir 7 copper!
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  • Want to help out our raids? Donate raid food ([&AgFiMQAA], [&AgFdMQAA], and associated materials [&CjQMAAA=], [&Ci8MAAA=]) to: Devalicious (NA) or Sera Rosso (OCE)
  • Last Week's Soren's Wild Wednesday was a great success! The theme was GAME OF TEQ - see for recap. Remember that Wild Wednesday Teqs are Wed10PM-PST, Thu1AM-EST, Thu5AM-UTC
  • Send your congrats to Holy Runner and Deshwa for becoming new leaders! Is Ivan going to pass his leader's test too? Check out the next OCE raid!
  • Remember that the use of :) in map chat is ©2014 to Revenge Alexor. Any unpermitted use of the copyrighted material in question will result in severe legal consequences.
  • To all Tyrians warriors, please review the following educational video in order to learn how NOT to use a warbanner:
  • The terror of GregTech Corporation is ceaseless and and insurmountable! With FeoTech Inc's CEO having fled to the United States, there is no longer any hope for the rest of us. Join GregTech or die!
  • Kalak Armstrong is selling [&AgH6cQAA] for 650g; price may change subject to market conditions! Thank you for supporting Kalak News! (see for advert)
  • Reminders: (1) the TTS PvP tournament is ongoing! Results, information, streams etc. can be found @ (2) Deva+Feo+Sera are accepting donations of Feast of Orrian Steak Fritties & Feasts of Truffle Steak (3) this week's Wild Wedesday at 10Pm PST with Soren will be MEDIC TEQ courtesy of Merf (4) Merf is running Fractal Fun dungeon groups on Sunday at 5AM server
  • Master of Swordsmen: MoS loves been drenched and covered with turret buffing goo at Teq... Saber chan is MoS #1 Fan NA.
  • Holy Runner: "longest time as probie NA", "Holy Runner I's hot body makes me so wet"
  • Ymir: "241 Eternities? OMG I KNEW YOU WERE A GOLDSELLER"

August 23rd to 25th, 2014 Update

For the past few months, I've collected 11,000+ screenshots (nearly 10GB) and 3.4TB of raw footage. Most(!) of the materials turned out to be too troublesome to clean and organize. Below are some random images with commentary. Some of those images became avatars and banners. Others were scrapped. I've spent the past three days combing through my past screenshots, and below is a scrapbook I quickly put together.

Use the scroller to the right or click on an image to use browse through gallery. Some of the images are associated with interesting stories. There are special messages for some people within the galleries!

If you want a large version of the image, either left-click on the image to view the gallery or right-click and open link in new tab for the raw file.

If you're using CTRL+F to search for specific people, remember that partial names, first names, or nicknames are sometimes used (For example, nicknames: Merf, Feo, Foofoo, MoS, Deva, Dj, Diviner, Paddy, Aven, Sasu, Sushi, Cyprien, etc. For example, last names: Abyss, De Light, etc. For example, first names: Aurora, Corin, Soren, Holy, Kalak, Radiant, Kenage, Revenge, Basandra, Rachel, Mindu, etc.)

2014-04-26: Day 1 of Feofans and Feo hunting
2014-04-26: This later became Feo's avatar
2014-04-26: Trailing Feo through the woods to Amber wurm
2014-04-26: Took a few hundred screenshots within a few minutes and finally got the perfect Feo screenshot for the main logo
2014-04-27: Ailis, Buzzed, Harlequin, Kalak, and others form the V formation as Princess Dolls to attack
2014-05-13: The first avatar! Deathrifyer!
2014-05-13: I tried to get some more pictures of Deathrifyer to make a better WANTED poster. Instead, I got a cool picture of Foofoo with Mindu and a super rare Banana Sasu!
2014-05-13: Revenge jumps! My first Revenge screenshot! This screenshot was so random, haha.
2014-05-13: ERT with Soren!
2014-05-14: Dj and I found a dead Metavox in the snow during guild missions (we had around 10 people). This was just a few hours before the May 14TH Night of Doom and Chaos. Who could have known at the time what was going to happen?
2014-05-16: Deathrifyer didn't leave TTS after the May 14th drama. I personally whispered Foofoo on May 15th to ask if he was going to leave TTS since many members were asking about it in /guild chat and on Reddit. He said he would stay. I was overjoyed and spread the word in-game and on messaging boards. Foofoo was back to leading Teq within a day. Feofans took off after the 'Feofans Not Affected by TTS Drama' post
2014-05-17: Tuturu Mayushiidesu, my mesmer, captured first Feo screenshot gallery at a Tequatl raid on May 17th (with bonus Mindu pics!).
2014-05-18: It's Arkkoh! I took this screenshot randomly and forgot about it for over three months... I'm so sorry Arkkoh!
2014-05-18: Roxanna told a story in /map chat, and so I went hunting for a picture
2014-05-18: Hehe, Roxanna is so pretty.
2014-05-19: Feo turned into a husk.
2014-05-19: Paddy was dancing.
2014-05-19: I went Paddy hunting. I think Paddy figured out who I was by this point.
2014-05-19: Zoria got her first Mini Wurm! This would become Zoria's avatar
2014-05-19: Zoria and Master of Swordsmen (MoS) play with mini wurm. I'm hiding as a blue quaggan. (I mention this event near the end of Roxanna's first tale)
2014-05-20: Hunting for Aurora!

2014-05-21: I made a number of posts about Boss Blitz record runs during the first week which I was a part of (post 1 about using the 6-comm strat, post 2 about 2:54 record, post 3 about 3:15 record), and Brother Andres was a commander at one of the bosses.

I went hunting for a picture of Brother Andres.

I was also with Brother Andres on May 22nd, when he tied Rachel's 1:10 Amber Wurm record (which I posted about at

2014-05-21: Brother Andres hunting was a success! This would become Bro Andres's avatar.
2014-05-21: Feo talked to an ANET Dev at Boss Blitz
2014-05-21: There were a lot of banners and buffs at Boss Blitz. Nom nom. We were getting the hang of the six commander strategy.
2014-05-21: I made a few posts about Boss Blitz records, and Radiant was leading as a commander in one of them. This was my first attempt at stalking Radiant. I hid behind Cyprien.
2014-05-21: I made a few posts about Boss Blitz records, and Revenge was leading as a commander in one of them. This was my first attempt at hunting Revenge.
2014-05-21: Hunting for Revenge continued at Wurm.
2014-05-21: I made a few posts about Boss Blitz records, and Ymir was leading as a commander in one of them. This was my first attempt at hunting Ymir.
2014-05-22: I made a few posts about Boss Blitz records, and Cyprien was leading as a commander in one of them. This was my first attempt at hunting Cyprien.
2014-05-22: Cyprien is so pretty.
2014-05-22: My first attempt at hunting Kalak was at boss blitz. He was an important part of a record setting run.
2014-05-23: Boss Blitz was a blast during the first few days. Unfortunately, we did have our fair share of 'incidents' such as when some random player yelled obscenities at Zoria, forcing her to quit the game for two days. I was absolutely shocked and angered. Deva and Sasu were present at the time to deal with the issue. I reported the incident to Master of Swordsmen later that afternoon, and MoS made a public announcement in Teamspeak during NA raids. That would be my first interaction with MoS. I would also write a post on May 20th titled 'Bazaar of the Four Winds and a Reminder About Community Respect'.
2014-05-25: Sasu led his first wurm head. I got caught and he discovered I was Feofans. My mesmer was hiding in the water.
2014-05-26: Cyprien killed Gambito...
2014-05-26: Ymir links 241 Eternities. I make sure he is forever known as the Gold Seller!
2014-06-01: Guild Missions with Zoria and Master of Swordsmen (MoS)!
2014-06-01: Zoria with a balloon!
2014-06-01: I go Karka hunting with Master of Swordsmen. I found the suspicious Karka he missed. The legend of MoS #1 Fan NA begins. Oh, and apparently his friends think he sucks.
2014-06-02: Hunting Paddy at Boss Blitz. .... And Paddy was not seen for another month after this. He suddenly disappeared! I thought he died. I cried.
2014-06-04: June 4th's No-Defense Soren's Wild Wednesday was quite amazing. It started off as a off-hand only Teq but transformed into a Dorito-Party, No-Defense Teq. The post I wrote would be my first post about Soren's Wild Wednesdays. Here is a screenshot of Soren! I realized I needed to make some avatars.
2014-06-04: Let us see how quickly I can get a picture of Kenage.
2014-06-04: Heh, instant success.
2014-06-04: I was in a party with Paddy and Sasu. Revenge and Brother Andres joined. They were probably thinking: 'Who is this random Tuturu person?' Hehehe =P
2014-06-04: We died a lot at No Defense Teq
2014-06-05: Brilliant Abyss fills the Boss Blitz map with cole slaw. Ahahahaha
2014-06-13: I started hunting for Dj. It was difficult.
2014-06-13: Here is Dj!
2014-06-13: Here is Dj again!
2014-06-13: MOAR DJ!
2014-06-14: Yup, time to go Deva hunting.
2014-06-14: Deva hunting was a success!
2014-06-14: Whoa, it's Brother Andres!
2014-06-16: Laschesis!!!
2014-06-16: I tried hunting down Atlantino. Did't quite get the picture I wanted. I ended up using Atlantino's own submissions.
2014-06-16: This is Merforga's avatar. Merf moves around too much.
2014-06-16: MERF STOP MOVING! XD
2014-06-18: Cyprien carries a bomb. Hehehehe
2014-06-18: Cyprien wasn't a leader yet, but his character is so pretty. I had to get more pics.
2014-06-18: Cyprien hunting continues...
2014-06-18: Cyprien! Oh hey! Is that MoS in the background?
2014-06-19: Found Basandra by the beach near Cobalt.
2014-06-19: Found Shingo as well.
2014-06-19: Hats Only Teq with Soren!
2014-06-19: For the longest time I didn't have a picture of Corin, and so he dared the creator of Feofans to go up to him and take a screenshot. I hurriedly did it. Ehehehehe...
2014-06-19: Soren with a hat! This is her current avatar.
2014-06-19: Radiant complained about his old avatar on Feofans in Teamspeak. WELL THEN OKAY, HAPPY NOW?! XD Radiant is really pretty though...
2014-06-20: My only picture of Deshwa is of Deshwa as a baby Dolyak before he became a leader. Bwahahaha... wait... I'm so sorry Deshwa!!! XD
2014-06-20: I often rest up here during Reflect Training. Oh hey, it's Roxanna's FeoFacts in /map chat!
2014-06-20: Pink Feo debut. SO PINK!!! This image became an avatar.
2014-06-20: Yep, instant family photo of the Highwind Family. Here we have Gambito, Mindu, Roxanna, and Feo. Paparazzi skills to the max.
2014-06-20: I went hunting for Zeffy
2014-06-22: Revenge, Corin, Sasu, Feo, Mindu, Zeffy...
2014-06-22: Perfect opportunity for some Deva hunting.
2014-06-22: Wait, is that Dj?
2014-06-22: Okay, let me hide behind the tall grass to hunt Dj.
2014-06-22: Feo adopts some kittens.
2014-06-22: SERIOUSLY, CORIN. LOL. Revenge is thinking: 'What is this fool doing...'
2014-06-22: Sasu, Zeffy, and I
2014-06-23: Radiant led a chaos Teq by himself. This was my first time talking to Radiant.
2014-06-24: Deathrifyer, Diviner, and Abyss welcome me to Banarnia!
2014-06-25: Late night guild missions!
2014-06-26: Bearbow Bonanza was amazing! The Bear Bow Bonanza video would be my first video for Feofans. I worked on it throughout the following weekend.
2014-06-26: Bearbow Bonanza!
2014-06-26: Bearbow Bonanza!
2014-06-26: Bearbow Bonanza!
2014-06-26: Bearbow Bonanza!
2014-06-26: Bearbow Bonanza!
2014-06-26: Bearbow Bonanza!
2014-06-26: It's Ymir!
2014-06-28: Sasu preparing for his leader test!
2014-06-28: Sasu fights Teq!
2014-06-28: Sasu passes his leader test
2014-07-02: ATLANTINO FIGURED ME OUT!!! I was able to later mislead him because it was unlikely some random person he had never talked to before was Feofans.
2014-07-02: I went hunting for Cyprien at his leader test.
2014-07-02: This later became Cyprien's first banner.
2014-07-02: Hehe, Cyprien with ice bow.
2014-07-02: Cyprien melees Teq!
2014-07-02: Cyprien runs and Revenge follows!
2014-07-02: Cyprien passes leader test.
2014-07-02: Mindu FINALLY sends me cookies. *sigh*
2014-07-02: Roxanna and rest of zerg wait for wurm setup.
2014-07-03: It's Redvy!
2014-07-03: Revenge is thinking: 'I don't want to be here.'
2014-07-03: Random picture of Soren is random, hehe
2014-07-03: I am noticing a pattern here. Revenge likes to jump.
2014-07-04: Diviner acquired new outfit.
2014-07-04: Feo acquired Eternity, started bleeding from her eyes, and started playing League of Legends
2014-07-04: I found Abyss! (This was back when her hair was blue)
2014-07-07: Here is Cyprien and Zagnar
2014-07-07: Mindu afked during Teq...
2014-07-09: Diviner!
2014-07-10: Milixy!
2014-07-11: Smileys with Revenge!
2014-07-12: Main Teamspeak server is back! TACOOOOO LINE with Sasu, Xandaru, Diviner, Brother Andres, Deathrifyer, and more!
2014-07-12: Teamspeak server is back! Holy and MoS give out tacos!
2014-07-13: Taco lines continue. Here we have Revenge, Corin, Sasu...
2014-07-14: Drop&Teas - I reflected with Dropbur, Tiefende, Tea Defender, and Faylite at NA Cobalt a few hours before the Inaugural OCE Pink Monday. Make sure you check out Merf's awesome pictures in the Inaugural Pink Monday post!
2014-07-17: I joined Zarzag's Medic Team at Soren's Wild Wenesday. The idea for the event was proposed by Merforga.
2014-07-17: Whew. That was scary. Oh hey, Zarzag wasn't scared at all. This image later became Zarzag's avatar.
2014-07-19: Hehehe, Paddy hunting session
2014-07-19: Paddy!
2014-07-19: Paddy again!
2014-07-19: Paddy's one month absence meant that I had to make up for it by taking a bunch of Paddy pics.
2014-07-19: Some random portal trolling on my mesmer with Deathrifyer
2014-07-22: Kalak had been spamming about selling The Lover for a few days by this point. I wanted to help out too, so I started constantly spamming my copypastas in /map chat. I went hunting for some new Kalak screenshots. Meh, not too great of a screenshot.
2014-07-22: Oh hey, Kalak transformed into his PVT gear!
2014-07-22: My elementalist followed Kalak to the Champion Risen Spider.
2014-07-22: GAHHAHAHA, THIS WAS GREAT! The perfect image for an advertisement post. I later dusted out my elementalist from the center.
2014-07-23: Ventaurion had already become a leader for a while. I needed to get new pictures.
2014-07-24: I had been doing South Hills and Crimson Condi for a while with Danielle with multiple characters. I think she recognizes my engineer but not my other characters.
2014-07-25: By this point Radiant was pretty sure I was Feofans. Hehe Feo's warrior is cute with the her new Juggernaut.
2014-07-25: Gahahahahhaha, did you all like the Illidan #4 video? I knew I was going to get some great footage one day!
2014-07-26: Ulima Ulima Ulima, Leader of the Krait Defense League!!! Hehe, it took a while for Jacobbs to recognize my different alts even though I had reflected and went to dungeons with him dozens of times
2014-07-26: Kalak got his Sunrise!
2014-07-26: I've been seeing Kalak a lot more. He is so fun.
2014-07-27: Ailarin is photogenic. Instantly avatar worthy.
2014-07-27: MoS (Master of Swordsmen) was going to take an extended break away from the game, and so I went hunting for him at amber wurm.
2014-07-27: OCE is always so relaxed and fun. I frequently ran with OCE in the past, but always forgot to take screenshots or record videos.
2014-07-27: I went hunting for Rachel...
2014-07-27: I was afraid Rachel would eat me for lunch because I was running in and out of her South Hills. I quickly took some screenshots and hurried away. =P I would later remove myself from this image.
2014-07-27: Paddy! So gorgeous.
2014-07-27: Hunting for Violette
2014-07-27: Violette!
2014-07-27: I went hunting for Saith in the spider cave, hehe
2014-07-27: Saith shoots!
2014-07-27: Merf and Saith pew pew pewed at Risen Juggernaut. I removed myself from this picture later on
2014-07-27: I found Spicca!
2014-07-27: Spicca is so CUUUUTE
2014-07-27: Waiting for mobs at South Boats with Spicca
2014-07-27: Cyprien likes to stand around and look pretty. ^___^ This image would later become Minatsu's second banner. I found it hilarious that I only had the banner up on the site for 15 minutes (I removed it after a few minutes) but Cyprien had already downloaded the image within that time span and made it his avatar in Teamspeak. Hehehe <3 Thanks so much Cyp for being a close follower of Feofans!
2014-07-27: Setting up for Crimson reflect with Sieglinde, De Light, Magaera, and Cyprien
2014-07-27: Setting up for Crimson reflect with Sieglinde, De Light, Magaera, and Cyprien
2014-07-27: I found Drop and Tea Family at reflect training
2014-07-27: Merf jumps. Look at his super serious face.
2014-07-27: Here are some of the better pictures that did not make it onto the actual post. Merf moves around a lot.
2014-07-27: Merf is here.
2014-07-27: Merf is now here.
2014-07-27: Merf slides back.
2014-07-27: Cyprien is easy prey.

Pink Wurm Monday: July 28th, 2014 I was very proud of my work with promoting and memorializing July 28th's Pink Monday at EU and NA. After Merforga held the inaugural Pink Wurm Monday on July 14th, I knew I had to help promote the event for the following weeks in order to establish the new tradition. I spammed copypastas throughout the week in /map chat about the new Pink Monday tradition, but apparently everyone had forgotten about it by Monday July 21st. I had to make sure we didn't have a repeat failure so I renewed my efforts in spamming my /copypastas throughout the next week. I made sure that Sasu, Sushi, and Radiant would also spread the word when July 28th finally arrived. And indeed, Pink Monday July 28th was a great success!

The day started off with Pink Reflect with Eury, Sushi, Charr Sieu, Valleos, and my guardian at EU Crimson Wurm. Sushi was able to convince everyone to re-dye pink. Thank you so much Sushi!

I was with Deathrifyer at NA Wurm 1 and convinced him to re-dye Pink. I was quite ecstatic that he did so immediately, and everyone followed suit; thank you so much Foofoo chan! The images turned out fantastic!

I was with Revenge and Sasu at NA Teq 2. Sasu and Danielle were able to convince Revenge to slowly transform into a pink power ranger! Despite the complaints, I bet Revenge had a great time, hahaha. :).

My engineer was with Revenge again at NA Wurm 2, and the entire Crimson zerg had a ton of fun! I bet everyone went home with a lot of beautiful screenshots. ^_^

It took me a few days to sort through the thousands of screenshots I took that day. I was also waiting for any third-party submissions of the event, but unfortunately (and quite surprisingly), I received NO E-MAILS. I was sad.

Pink Wurm Monday starts off at EU Crimson Reflect with Charr Sieu, Eury, Sushi, and Valleos. It would continue through NA Wurm 1, NA Teq 2, and NA Wurm 2. Besides the pictures from the official post, there a few more pictures from this event in the 'Me with People' section.
2014-07-30: Dj hunting
2014-07-30: Dj is so pretty! ^_^

2014-08-06: Holy Runner's leader test was my best paparazzi work so far. My previous experiences had paid off, and I was able to snap some awesome pictures. Here are some of the rejected images and also images that were later edited. I captured video just in case I wasn't able to properly screenshot on the fly, but I didn't use the video in the end. Hunting down Miss Hot Body was fun indeed!

You can check out the official post at

2014-08-06: I edited out the cute doggy and myself later
2014-08-06: Holy spent a lot of time properly setting up defenses
2014-08-06: Camping Holy during battery defense
2014-08-06: Holy Holy Holy, where are you going? Come on, talk to me!
2014-08-06: Holy has a hilariously determined face when running
2014-08-07: Ailarin has definitely learned the art of zerg spamming; unfortunately I believe this was the night NA Wurm failed twice (even with the respawn)
2014-08-07: Deathrifyer seems to have accepted his fate as a Princess Doll; that day he was channeling his inner no pantsu powa
2014-08-13: I actually wasn't able to make it to Ivan's leader test. My necromancer hunted him down a few days later at another Tequatl. This image was taken while Ivan was running to Champion Risen Spider and became the first version of his banner.
This image was taken while Ivan was fighting Megalodon and became Ivan's second banner.

2014-08-14: Game of Teq was the most recent Soren's Wild Wednesday I was able to attend. Here are the unedited versions of some of the images I used in the post about the event. I started off by chasing Soren!

You can see the official pictures at

2014-08-14: Kenage died first, and I stayed with him from the very beginning in order to get screenshots. He wasn't actually alone like I said in the post. Hehe, Kenage was probably wondering what in the world the big fat blue Norn ranger was doing.
2014-08-14: A bunch of red whirlpools centered on the jumping pad popped up, and I knew I would get a hilarious screenshot so I backed off. All of the dead people on the jumping puzzle quietly accepted their fate, haha.
2014-08-14: Ehehehehe

Before Feofans...

2014-03-05: Before Feofans, there was Nolan Teq. Sometimes it was great. Sometimes it was a disaster. =P
2014-03-05: Preparing for the battle against Scarlet
2014-03-05: First strategy is to zerg the knights one by one. I followed Diviner.
2014-03-05: Blue goes down first. So much excitement!
2014-03-05: Burn Red!
2014-03-05: Fire embers everywhere!
2014-03-05: Fighting Scarlet
2014-03-07 Class stacks at Scarlet setup
2014-03-11 Back then, I left graphics turned all the way up. I couldn't see anything!
2014-03-11 Hehe, I spotted a cute little Merforga
2014-03-13 Feo liked to separate everyone into parties with one guardian each in order to make help out with sharing aegis
2014-03-13 Scarlet farm continues... oh hey it's Ventaurion!
2014-03-15 Dorito trains at Karka were so fun!
2014-03-17 My first time partying with Deathrifyer, Roxanna, Basandra, and Metavox... MASTER LOOTSTICKERS AT WORK!
2014-03-22 Altorion Dolyak Squad attacked Deathrifyer often
2014-03-22 Following Deathrifyer on farming trains through Orr
2014-03-22 This boss was very difficult =P
2014-03-22 The Svanir had no chance against the might of TTS. I spot Deva!
2014-03-22 Wurm was not always a guarantee. 0:01 second left on the clock! We rushed over from amber.
2014-03-22 We did it!
2014-03-22 Quite exciting indeed.
2014-03-22 Lining up for Wurm Killer icons! I had done TTS Wurm a few times already, but this was my first kill!
2014-03-22 Who is this pretty woman?
2014-03-24 Soren and friends raid Megadestroyer!
2014-03-26 Altorion Dolyaks strike again!
2014-03-27 Reef Rider is brutal.
2014-03-27 Teq with Soren and friends. Everyone fell over at 14:53 left on clock! Were we drunk?
2014-04-01 April Fools bobbleheads! Basandra and friends rushed over to Wurm to check even though it was 12AM EST!
2014-04-01 Laschesis and Harlequin go check out bobblehead Jormag Fang
2014-04-05 Tyra always has lots of supporters. There are some future friends in this screenshot!
2014-04-07 Katsuragi learns how to reflect.
2014-04-07 Late night Teq is always so fun!
2014-04-09 First time reflecting with Cyprien
2014-04-14 First time noticing how shiny Diviner is. Ooooo, shiny!

With People

2014-05-04: This was my first time interacting with Paddy. I joined his FAB 5 ERT at Teq.
2014-05-04: I would be known as 'Tutu of Destiny'
2014-05-04: The FAB5 celebrate
2014-06-21: Mindu, Sasu, and I
2014-06-25: Feo and I
2014-06-25: Sasu and I. This series of screenshots would form the basis of Sasu's first banner and my first banner as well.
2014-07-06: Sushi, Sasu, Mindu, Feo, Diviner, Radiant
2014-07-06: Everyone sleeping on the hill
2014-07-06: Sushi claimed victory by bannering Feo.
2014-07-15: In mid-July, I started doing dungeons with Sushi, Radiant, Sasu, Jacobbs, Feo, Illidan, Lothburk, Immi, Aybiel, Cassandra, Zack, and more. Sushi would always carry us like she did in this screenshot.
2014-07-16: Here we have (from left to right) the first invitee, second invitee, and the host. Sasu was so happy about the logo.
2014-07-16: I confronted Ymir about his shady gold selling schemes.
Ymir, I just wanted to thank you for being a great friend. Even though we haven't spoken much, I really appreciate how well you treated us all and how you always responded to my jokes.
2014-07-18: Eury, Paddy and I
2014-07-23: How do you do, Revenge? :) I wish your family the very best of luck and prosperity! I will make sure to crack down on the illegal use of :) in map chat and protect your intellectual property for you
2014-07-23: So it turns out I actually did take a screenshot of this Illidan Moment. He placed down a Karma banner AFTER we completed our dungeon runs. Hahahaha
2014-07-23: Thank you very much Roxanna for pushing all the right buttons for me. =P Your witty remarks in map chat and ridiculously subtle anime & manga jokes aimed at me were so very awesome. Thank you so very much, my fellow FeoTech PR Director, Highwind Pet Dolyak, and Oracle!
2014-07-24: This would be one of the last times we all gathered in the same place.
2014-07-24: Illidan, Mindu, and Lothburk had a dance off
2014-07-27: Cyprien, DeLight, and I at Crimson Reflect
2014-07-28: Snuck up to Abyss at Pink Wurm
2014-07-28: Pink Teq with Sasu, Revenge, Danielle, Loth, and more
2014-07-28: Pink Teq with Sasu, Revenge, Danielle, Loth, and more
2014-07-28: Pink Teq with Sasu, Revenge, Danielle, Loth, and more
2014-07-28: On the Crimson Condi Team at Pink Wurm; thank you Danielle, Champion Lady, Gunpla Maniac, for always welcoming me to South Hills and Crimson Condi!
2014-07-29: Pink Wurm Monday with everyone at crimson wurm
2014-07-28: Sasu and I
2014-07-28: Radiant, Feo, and I went to Narokh's Late Night Chaos Teq
2014-07-29: Fizz, Sushi, Sasu, and I went to go see Feo's new necromancer at Bloodtide Coast after EU Teq
2014-07-29: Sasu's son, Feo, Sasu, Sushi, and I
2014-07-31: Ymir and I
2014-08-01: Roxanna and I
2014-08-01: Sushi jumps in to join Radiant and me
2014-08-01: Roxanna jumps in as well
2014-08-01: Yroul joins the party
2014-08-01: Sasu and I go explore Sorrow's Embrace
2014-08-01: Radiant, Tuturu, Sasu, Sushi, and Cassandra from left to right
2014-08-03: Radiant, Sasu, Lothburk and I go to FotM
2014-08-05: Sushi died. Also, Sasu misspoke in Teamspeak and everyone died from laughing.
2014-08-06: Feo and I go to Arah
2014-08-06: Sushi was there too
2014-08-14: Immi and I in FotM
2014-08-15: Sushi
2014-08-15: Sushi & Radiant
2014-08-21: De Light, Qaezie, Rachel
2014-08-21: Saint Satanique was with us too
2014-08-21: Ready to reflect!
2014-08-21: Rachel, Mybffjill, De Light

Me Alone

Saber chan
2014-07-25: I found my Norn TTS twin!
Tu~turu~ Mayushii desu~
Katsuragi Misato
Ja~jaan~ Eclair desu~

About me in GW2: I started playing GW2 during the August 2012 head-start and enjoyed dungeons and FotM before taking a break in April 2013. After coming back, I committed to tPvP for a while - peaking at #72 on the NA team-queue leaderboards in mid-February 2014 though I always queued alone. I left the tPvP scene in early March after joining TTS. I played mesmer and warrior in tPvP but have not stayed up to date with the meta since stopping tPvP.

In terms of PvE, I run meta builds on warrior, mesmer, guardian, elementalist, and engineer in dungeons. I also have a max-level necromancer and a max-level ranger and am aware of their PvE meta but have not yet brought the them to FotM, Arah, etc. My mesmer, guardian, elementalist, and ranger are often seen reflecting at Triple Trouble, and the engineer runs on condition teams.

Gaming background: My first competitive game was UT99 back in 2000. I raided 25-mans and ran warrior-druid to S3 duelist in WoW:BC in 2007, raided heroic-10-mans and ran 2k+ RBGs as resto shaman in WoW:Cata in 2011, played CS:S in CEVO during 2008-2009, and enjoyed SC2 from 2010-2013 at solo-Diamond & team-Masters level. Unfortunately, I am no longer able to play FPS games (and other competitive games to a lesser degree) due to repetitive strain injury and chronic carpal tunnel syndrome. I currently enjoy watching professional LoL and playing Hearthstone.

Sports fan of NHL, NBA, NFL, association football, and motorsports

Major hobbies: audiophilia and otakudom

Listens to: pop, foreign pop, 80s pop, progressive metal, symphonic metal, power metal, alternative rock, every form of electronica, classical (romantic and modern in particular), rap

Passions: jurisprudence, philosophy, engineering, and visual & industrial design

More serious stuff: I hold a B.S. in applied mathematics and software engineering and am currently working toward a J.D. I work mostly on web apps, graphics & UI design, and testing. During undergrad, I built and sold DIY power amplifiers, preamplifiers, and headphone amplifiers.

Feel free to contact me in game! Cheers!

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