Saber Chan has submitted the above mini-trailer for Soren's June 25th Wild Wednesday "Bear Bow Bonanza" event hosted by [SORC] & [TTS]. Many thanks for the submission. ©2014 Saber of Avalon.

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Recordings of Bear Bow Bonanza 2014.06.25

If you are interested in re-living the event, see the links below:

  • Kenage Achalarus's recording of live stream starting in Sparkfly Fen (Twitch)
  • Saber's PoV including "The Great Bear Migration" through Bloodtide Coast (Youtube)

We want to thank Soren Ironclaw, Corin Fellswick, and Kenage Achalarus for organizing the event. Many thanks also to [SORC] Sanctum of Rall Community and [TTS] Tequatl Terror Squad for hosting.