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April 26th, 2015: Feofans 1-Year Anniversary

Today marks the one-year anniversary of Feofans.com's inception. We've had a fantastic time over the past year, and I would like to thank each and every one of the [TTS] Guild Wars 2 community for all of the unforgettable and cherished memories. Though many wonderful members and leaders have now gone on to other things, [TTS] has received new blood over the past few months. I sincerely wish the best for each and every one of you who have contributed to this amazing gaming community. Thank you and may the fun continue.

Cheers and sincerely,
Saber - Feofans and TTS News Network

P.S. I want to give a shout out to the TTS Gamers Forums (http://forums.ttsgamers.com/), launched on November 1st, 2014, which has filled a void left by the closure of Feofans and TNN:TC. Thank you very much to Ailarin for creating the forum and to every one involved for carrying on the dream.

P.P.S. Feo is still alive somewhere in the world. She sometimes streams games with Deathrifyer (a.k.a. Snipe). You can find them at http://twitch.tv/sheraccoon.

October 27th, 2014: Thank You

Feodathir stepped down as a TTS Leader today. We will miss her dearly. She leaves us with the following parting thank you message. Let us embrace the beauty of our memorable experiences for years to come. Thank you!

Late October, 2014: TTS News Network

Remember, Feofans is now TTS News Network: the Tyrian Chronicle! Please remember to submit new content to ttsnewsnetwork.com and we'll post them up on the front page of ttsgamers.com. We haven't had a submission in a loooooooong time, so get to it!

August 19, 2014: International Rachel Day

August 19th is International Rachel Roqux Day (aka International No Fun Day)!

Yes, Feofans has returned in order to report this super important date! We tried to hunt Rachel down at OCE Wurm on August 19th but were only able to get just a few photos. ^_^;

August 13, 2014: Soren's Wild Wednesday - "Game of Tequatl"

Tonight's Soren's Wild Wednesday's theme was "Game of Tequatl" - (à la Game of Thrones)!

Every 90 seconds, a random member of the zerg, a turret operator, or an entire defense team was killed off! Dead players were reduced to standing on a jump pad and shooting enemies that dared to walk by. Mwahaha, what a fabulous Wild Wednesday! Thank you very much to Roxanna the Oracle & Heathcliff Industries for suggesting the idea about three weeks ago. (Unfortunately Roxanna did not get a chance to personally witness the monstrosity he envisioned.)

The first casualty of the night was none other than Kenage! The second casualty was Soren, our zerg commander!!! The RNG gods were not kind tonight. Ailarin took over as the zerg commander, and Wild Wednesday experienced its first WvW-style-can't-hear-anyone-but-the-zerg-commander raid, haha.

By the end of the night, South Boats, North Hills, Turret 4 (Cassandra), Turret 2, three random zerglings, and finally even Ailarin had been killed.

This week's Wild Wednesday was a grand success!

As usual, relive the experience by viewing Kenage's recording (hopefully Kenage remembers to highlight the broadcast so that it doesn't get auto-deleted).

ciao ~

And, with this post (and with Feodathir saying good bye and moving off to the U.S. starting tomorrow), Feofans' Chief Editor/Photographer bids you all a partial adieu! Feofans want to sincerely thank everyone for the support over the past few months and wish you all the best of luck for the days to come! But don't worry, the website will still be here - submissions are of course still welcome, and we'll definitely put them up.

August 11, 2014: Random Video Clips

Merf is often overrun by dolyaks. Even though he turned off his commander tag, the other leaders still found him in the Ooze tunnel behind Crimson Wurm! Paddy and Laschesis run for their lives. (Video from July 27th, 2014 OCE)

Sasu and Shingotroun lead the zerg to their deaths! Paddy can't contain his excitement over the opportunity to complete his reviver daily - see him hurry down the right side! Ohmikron can't help but laugh - see him still standing up at the top at the end! (Video from August 2nd, 2014 NA)

Angelic loves his Turret #1 at Tequatl. Unfortunately, he loves it too much and zerglings decided to start a summoning ritual to curse his turret. Sasu, Ailarin, Ohmikron, Shingotroun, and others were there to lead in the witchcraft. (Video from August 8th, 2014 NA)

Credit to Katsuragi Misato, Hinagiku, Saber chan respectively for the videos.

August 10, 2014: Illidanthegreat Becomes a Leader

Illidanthegreat has passed his test and is now a leader! Congrats!

August 9, 2014: Ivan Truthe Becomes a Leader

Ivan Truthe has passed his test and is now a leader! Congrats!

P.S. NA Wurm 2's rerun was TTS's first TTS-sponsored Guild World Event! (Hosted by Timelords! Great work everyone on helping with guild missions in order to build up Guild Merits.)

August 5, 2014: Charr Party & August 7, 2014: Quaggan Teq with Feo

There was an amazing Charr Party after August 5th's EU Tequatl! Read through Paddy's hilarious slide show!

Feo led a Quaggan Teq at August 7th, 2014 EU! So cute!!! XD The quaggans defeated both Tequatl and a Candy Corn Monster!

August 6, 2014: Holy Runner Finally Becomes a Leader

Congratulations to Holy Runner, record holder for longest term as probie NA, for passing his leader's test by organizing today's TTS NA-Reset Tequatl!

August 3, 2014: Deshwa Becomes a Leader

Congratulations to Deshwa! He has become a leader after passing his leader test at NA Wurm 1. (Our attempts at stalking Deshwa failed. Sorry about the lack of pictures! XD)

August 2, 2014 P2: Raising Awareness for Condition Teams at Triple Trouble Raids

We here at Feofans and many TTS leaders want to remind everyone that the condition team is an extremely important aspect of our Triple Trouble wurm runs! If you play a class other than a guardian (or if you are Kenage), please consider trying out condition gear + traits and becoming a professional husk killer! Becoming a master at killing husks takes work, but the satisfaction of being able to control and eliminate the threat of rampaging husks is tasty indeed. Here is a cute screenshot of Mindmistress Baali and her new Condi friends waiting for the Cobalt escort to arrive! Also, here are some wise words from Paddy!

I know that Reflect Teams are really popular and it's not too hard for us to fill these spots. But to be honest, the Condi Teams are very important too. You never hear them, but they do their job. When the job is done, no one notices it. But if a husk is on the zerg, then it's the condis fault? no! They are the silent heroes in the background, and deserve as much appreciation as the reflectors. Because of that, I now ressurrected my Mesmer and started playing it as condi. It's actually really funny to jump around a husk and mess with its mind (confusion ftw :D), so revive all your rusty condi characters and show the husks who is the boss in the arena!"
- Paddy

August 2, 2014 P1: Blue Cobalt with Deathrifyer

Milixy submitted wonderful pictures of Deathrifyer's Blue Cobalt Gang! Thank you!

Oh, and Yroul was able to snap this screenshot of Deathrifyer DOWNED!

August 1, 2014: Banana Wurm Party

Amber wurm is now Banana wurm! Amber wurm had an amazing party during EU raids today! Thanks to Feo and Paddy for the submissions!

July 30, 2014: EU/NA July 28th Pink Monday Submissions

Monday, July 28th, 2014 was another Pink Monday for EU and NA! We received a few screenshots and it took us a while to clean + reformat them, but here they are! Keep e-mailing us! As always, mouseover to see annotations.

EU Crimson Wurm Reflect!

NA Wurm 1 (9PM EST, 6PM PST, 1AM UTC): Cobalt Wurm with Deathrifyer
NA Tequatl 2 (11PM EST, 8PM PST, 3AM UTC): Revenge Becomes a Real Man
NA Wurm 2 (12AM EST, 9PM PST, 4AM UTC): Crimson Wurm Condi, Reflect, Revenge X, & Zerg!

July 30, 2014: Ailarin Becomes a Leader

Grats to Ailarin (Erik) for passing his leader test and becoming a leader. (July 30, 2014)

July 29, 2014 P2: Random Images (Late July 2014)

July 29, 2014 P1: Deathrifyer & Diviner in Living World S2: Entanglement

Is everyone enjoying the new chapters of the Living World Season 2? Deathrifyer and Diviner surely are! We didn't want to upload this submission until Chapter 3 was released.

Huge spoilers ahead! Don't click the image below if you haven't completed Season 2, Chapter 2: Entanglement!

Deathrifyer and Diviner dance on the dead body of Belinda, Jory's sister on July 15, 2014. (Large screenshot) Thank you Diviner for e-mailing us about FooFoo&Diviner's nefarious deeds! >:D

July 28, 2014 P1: Illidan Moment No. 4

Illidan Moment No. 4 happened on July 25th, 2014 in the Ruined City of Arah. Thanks to Katsuragi Misato for the submission! The HQ video embedded below is hosted on Amazon S3.

If you are on a mobile device, check LQ Youtube Mirror.

July 27, 2014 P2: King of Banarnia in Banana Dye

Deathrifyer, the Tyrant of Banarnia, stood upon the hills of Bloodtide Coast and looked down across his empire with pride. While dressed in the traditional Banana garb, he was accompanied by Master of Swordsmen, who unfortunately will be on an extended break away starting today.

July 26, 2014 P2: Kalak Battles Vegeta w/ New Sunrise

Kalak Armstrong acquired The Sunrise today after selling The Lover to a lucky player. Kalak's new weapon arrived just in time for his epic battle against Vegeta. (We think there might be multiple Vegetas...)

July 26, 2014 P1: Random Updates - Vegeta, Pies, Cookies, & Revenge

Super Saiyan Vegeta graced Crimson wurm with his presence a few days ago!

And apparently someone tried to hinder Kalak with a ton of peach pies at a NA Tequatl on July 21st. =\ Please do not place down multiple trays of food.

Remember to get your baked cookies from Mindu Highwind! He has been mailing them out over the past four weeks. Send him a message to get yours!

Thank you for the submissions Katsuragi Misato. Here is a bonus picture of Revenge!

July 25, 2014: Feo Crafts the Juggernaut

Feo crafted The Juggernaut! Congratulations on yet another legendary weapon! Feo's cute warrior will now smash enemies with style in tPvP!

July 22, 2014: Kalak Sells The Lover

Update July 26, 2014:The Lover has been sold!

Kalak Armstrong has been trying to sell a Lover (legendary shortbow precursor) for the past few weeks. Someone buy it from him!

We're so glad that he has been leading NA raids again. Everyone loves Kalak News! Kalak News relies on contributions from listeners like you! Buy Kalak's Lover! Contact him in-game or through TeamSpeak for more information.

Kalak Armstrong, the First of His Name, Raid Leader of TTS, Slayer of Tequatl, the Great Jungle Wurm, and the Champ Mobs, Seller of the Lover, Kalak the Fabulous, Reporter of the News, the Moustached One - Roxanna the Oracle

Look at this image of Kalak fighting a Champion Risen Spider. Coincidentally, there is an unicorn shot from The Dreamer (legendary shortbow) right behind him! (Unicorn effect was authentic and not inserted via image-editing.)

Thanks to Imari for the image above.

July 21, 2014: Last Week's Soren's Wild Wednesday

The theme for Soren's Wild Wednesday on July 16, 2014 was "Medic Teq!" The rules, developed by Merforga, specified that:

  • No one, other than members of a "medic party", is allowed to heal other downed players nor is allowed to waypoint once fully dead. (What a frightening restriction!!!)

Kenage led Medic Team #1 and Zarzag led Medic Team #2. It started out pretty amazingly, but the event soon spiralled out of hand. Unfortunately we had to partly relax the restrictions midway through the fight and allow players to waypoint when fully dead. The Medic Teams continued to bravely heal downed players.

Thanks Saber chan for the image above (and being part of Zarzag's medic team). Check out Kenage's recording of the event here.

July 14, 2014 P2: Inaugural of Pink Wurm Mondays

At OCE today, Tiefende, Dropbur, and Merforga instructed the cobalt reflect and condition teams to activate their pink uniforms. Arkkoh noticed the crew and subsequently convinced everyone to dress in pink! The word quickly spread - the rest of the OCE leaders assembled and Merforga officially declared Mondays to be PINK WURM DAY!!!

Thank you very much to Merf for the numerous screenshots! You can view his entire screenshot collection of the event here and here.

Tiefende and Dropburr also led a Pink Ninja reflect team at NA the night before! Pink Ninja Uniforms activated!

Thanks to Imari for the screenshots above.

July 14, 2014 P1: Ailarin Becomes Probie

Congrats to Ailarin (Erik) for becoming a probie!

Updated July 27, 2014 with a banner, avatar, and taglines!

July 13, 2014: Deathrifyer Beats Crimson w/ 1:17 Record Aided by Return of Paddy

Paddy has returned from his 4-week long absence!

Deathrifyer has set a new TTS record for Crimson Wurm phase 2 with a time of 1:17 left on the clock (with the help of Paddy)! The previous Crimson Wurm phase 2 record set of 1:10 was set by Revenge on June 21st (mentioned in this post).

Thanks to Tuturu for the screenshot above.

July 12, 2014 P2: TTS Tournament IS GO & Main Teamspeak Server is Up!

The TTS PvP Tournament has started! Streams, results, and everything else can be found @ ttsgamers.com/pvp/. The results after the first day are shown below.

Update June 15, 2014: the schedule for the rest of the tournament is up @ ttsgamers.com/pvp/pvp-schedule/

The main TTS Teamspeak is also back up!!! Remember to get your TS tacos!

Thanks to Hinagiku for the screenshots above! Remember to mouseover screenshots for descriptions.

July 12, 2014 P1: Ventaurion is a TTS Leader!

Congratulations to Ventaurion for officially becoming a TTS leader!

Updated July 27, 2014 with a banner for Ventaurion!

July 11, 2014: National Diviner Day

It's International Diviner Day!

July 10, 2014: Ymiracle - Wurm Minis Everywhere!

Today, an Ymiracle happened at the OCE Wurm run. Ymir, Roxanna, and Merforga all got Wurm Minis on the same run! SO YMIRACULOUS! - Ymir

Ymir, thank you very much for the submission!

July 9, 2014: Soren's Wild Wednesday: Tsunami Teq

It's Wednesday! It's Soren's Wild Wednesday (every Wednesday at 10PM PST)! Tonight's theme was "Tsunami Teq" - purposefully let at least one battery defense phase fail! Failing a battery phase means Tequatl sends a tsunami wave to wipe the zerg!

Unfortunately July 9th, 2014 will forever be remembered as the day Soren's Wild Wednesday failed to kill Tequatl for the first time. It took us way too long to reach the first & second battery phase. Let us pause for a moment of silence.

Next Wednesday's theme is "Medics!" - idea is provided through the courtesy of Meforga!

July 6, 2014: Revenge is Engaged!

Revenge is engaged!!! What spectacular news! Congratulations to him! May the future be filled with happiness and prosperity. (More Info)

July 5, 2014 P2: LGJ Tribulation Wurm

Light Guardian Jack organized another Wurm Tribulation-mode raid tonight ... actually organized isn't the right word to describe it at all! The rules for the gambit were as follow:

Leaderless: “The Leaders of TTS have been defeated! We must push on without their help!”
-No commander tags or central leader
-No reflect callers
-I still split up the zerg but no further leadership help
-Teamspeak may still be used

What a mess but so much fun!

July 5, 2014 P1: Feo Updates

It has come to our attention that FeoTech™ has diversified its holdings. The CEO has entered a hyberbolic time chamber to train for a secret project under the guidance of world-class professionals including RS, Sushi, Illidan, and Knightwalker.

One of the side-effects is she is bleeding from her eyes in real life.. .

FeoTech™ has also upgraded its offensive capabilities with its recent acquisition of Eternity.

Post last updated: July 23, 2014

July 3, 2014: Turret Tango & GregTeq

Yesterday was Wednesday. And that means we had another Soren's Wild Wendesday! The theme was "Turret Tango" - where we had new turret operators switch in randomly every three minutes! Next week's theme will be.... "Tsunami Teq!" Come out and join us to find out what that is!

The recent rise of GregTeq Incorporated is seemingly unstoppable. FeoTech's attempts to curb the domination has been alarmingly shaky. FeoTech continues to defend the onslaught with its two (2) Watchwork Mining Picks. More information is coming soon.

In response to concern regarding AFKers during raid setup, a "Wall of Shame" will be erected in the near future. We request that Feodathir contact us regarding the details of this operation.

July 2, 2014: Cyprien Becomes Leader

Congratulations to Cyprien for being promoted to TTS leader! Our super friendly Carolinian is our hero!

Bonus: We forgot to mention last week but grats to Exothermic for becoming a probie!

July 2, 2014: Bear Bow Bonanza (June 25) Update

Apparently we forgot to mention Soren's Wild Wendesday last week! We're so very very very sorry! There was also an extra delay because we had to set everything up.

The event held on June 25th was Bear Bow Bonanza - rangers bring bears and bows to fight Tequatl! The turnout was phenomenal and many people came on low-level alts!

Thanks to Saber chan for reminding us about this event and submitting the following: feofans.com/bearbowbonanza/

July 1, 2014: TTS PvP Tournament Signups Now Open

http://www.ttsgamers.com/pvp - Info, registration, contact, and more

June 30, 2014: Atlantino Becomes Leader

Atlantino just passed his leader test! Congratulations Atlantino for become a TTS leader!

We wish Atlantino the very best! May TTS's bard continue to entertain us with profound tales and serenade us forever!

June 29, 2014: Poseidon Becomes Probie

Congratulations to Poseidon Frostfist for becoming probies!

June 28, 2014 P2: Sasu Becomes Leader

Sasu has officially become a TTS leader as of the June 29th 03:00 UTC Tequatl Raid. Congratulations to Sasu and may the force be with you!

We want to thank Sasu for the work he has done so far and wish him the very best for the future.

June 27, 2014: Leaderless Wurm Kill

TTS leaders held a leader meeting during the second NA Wurm spawn of the night and were therefore not available to lead the wurm raid. (╯︵╰,)

But three fearless players stood up and took up the challenge of trying to lead a full Wurm raid! Regenfang led Crimson wurm, Mindu Highwind led Amber wurm, and Game Guard led Cobalt wurm. And in the end, they succeeded all the way! All three wurm heads were decapitated and killed! Congratulations to these three brave souls. Let us shower them with praise and marvel at their glory!

June 26, 2014: TTS sPvP Tournament Portal

The TTS sPvP Tournament Portal is up! General information and rules are available. Team registration opens on July 1st.

June 25, 2014 P1: LGJ Brings You Updates on Future Tribulation-Mode Wurms

Light Guardian Jack, host of Triple Trouble Tribulation Mode, has written a post regarding future Tribulation-mode Wurm raids! Please come out and join us for future events if you are able to! Tribulation-mode is where the community votes on a gambit (self-inflicted handicap) to use during a Triple Wurm raid event! See LGJ's thread for more details!

Read his post here!

Below is a quick copy of LGJ's message.

Hey Guys
There was a warm response to Triple Trouble Tribulation Mode on Sunday so we’re going to be trying it again! However after consulting the other leaders I’ve decided to move it to 3:00am UTC Saturday or 8pm PST Sunday which is right after the 2nd NA Tequatl has been completed. This should mean more people will be able to join us.
From now on I’ll be posting information on the next tribulation mode Wurm in this thread: http://ttsgamers.com/forums/topic/triple-trouble-tribulation-mode/
You can look there to see which are the next 4 gambits for next week and I can take suggestions for new gambits as well there.
See you at the front lines!
- Light Guardian Jack

June 24, 2014: Deshwa Becomes Probie

Cheers for Deshwa for becoming a probie!

June 23, 2014: RS Leads PuG Teq

Radiant Silver gathered 17 brave TTS souls to help fight Tequatl during the 07:00 UTC spawn. He led zerg on a PuG map and called everything in Teamspeak even though we only had 18 people total in the TTS channel. (All the other TTS leaders and members were sleeping, working, or farming Crown Pavilion...) He performed wonderfully and the run went great!

Thanks Saber chan for telling us about this little event and sending in the picture. Radiant, if you have more to add, feel free to e-mail us and let us know!

June 22, 2014: LGJ's Tribulation Wurm

Light Guardian Jack held a Tribulation-mode Wurm raid run at 08:00 UTC! Many members, leaders, probies, and commanders were there including Merf, Zarzag, Soren, Corin, Kenage, MoS, Rachel, Ventaurion, and Radiant Silver.

Tribulation-mode is where TTS increases the challenge of the Wurm fight by self-prescribing a handicap!

Thank you very much to Revenge X for the following smiley-filled screenshots. So much fun!

June 21, 2014 P2: Hmmm...

Feo likes to sleep.

Feo is adopting lots of pets.

"Mindu Highwind, Master-at-Reflects, loved Mindy fiercly. Their love caused the heavens to weep and made the gods envious. Only their leopard form could contain their passion. This love blossomed on one fateful, moonlit night. Their primal fury shook the mountains that night. But the gods were jealous and cruel. As Mindu's seed was sown, the gods cursed his wife. She bore the form of the leopard as well as their child for 9 months. To spite the gods, Mindy produced a child of pure beauty and grace that it brought shame upon them for their curse." - Roxanna the Oracle

Revenge X now holds the Crimson Wurm record for Phase 2 with 1 minute 10 seconds left on clock (beating Feo's record by one second).

Merf still owes Greg (James) 5 gold.

TTS tPvP Tournament is COMING!!!!

It's coming! More info soon on TTS tPvP Tournament coming soon! 500 gold for first prize! Start gathering friends to form teams!

Oh... and Atlantino submitted the following.

June 21, 2014 P1: New NA Raid Times for TTS

Event UTC-5:00 UTC-8:00 UTC+0:00
Karka Queen #1 7:00 PM (EST) 4:00 PM (PST) 23:00 UTC
Tequatl #1 8:00 PM (EST) 5:00 PM (PST) 24:00 UTC
Wurm #1 9:00 PM (EST) 6:00 PM (PST) 01:00 UTC
Karka Queen #2 10:00 PM (EST) 7:00 PM (PST) 02:00 UTC
Tequatl #2 11:00 PM (EST) 8:00 PM (PST) 03:00 UTC
Wurm #2 (Optional) 12:00 AM (EST) 9:00 PM (PST) 04:00 UTC

More info here

June 20, 2014 P2: Highwind Family Reunited

Mindu Highwind (father), Mindy Highwind (wife), Minou Highwind (daughter), and Roxanna the Oracle (pet dolyak & family social worker).

June 20, 2014 P1: Soren Built a New Computer

Soren will no longer need to play Guild Wars 2 on her Potato and take 10 minutes to load Sparkfly Fen!

She built a NEW COMPUTER! Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

She also sounds different now because she got a new microphone! ^_^

"For the first time, Soren realized GW2 is a 3D game." - Spannu

June 18, 2014 P2: Soren's Wild Wednesday - Hats Only Teq!

Soren led a Wild Wednesday tonight! The theme was HATS ONLY TEQ where players could only wear FANCY HATS while fighting Tequatl! Corin & Kenage were there as usual! Devalicious, Sasu, Holy Runner, Zarzag, and Zeffy were there to help too!

Remember that next week's Soren's Wild Wednesday is BEARBOW WEDNESDAY! You should bring a ranger with a bear and a bow! It's okay if you're not max level - Soren and Co. will escort you to Sparkfly Fen! (Warrior/thief with bow and a bear minipet is acceptable.)

P.S. We still want screenshots of Oatmeal! (And updated ones of Dj & Paddy)

June 18, 2014: Guardians, Elementalists, Mesmers, Rangers, etc. Rejoice! Merforga Makes a Promise!

There was a mini update today before reset!

Fixed an issue that was preventing players from reflecting the Grub Eggs in the Triple Trouble encounter.

It's good to know that ANET actually likes us reflecting the eggs! (Elementalists blocks are still strong since they block husks though!)

Fixed an issue that was preventing Tequatl from reapplying his Hardened Scales buff after he returned from the battery events.

A TTS member e-mailed us about a promise that Merforga recently made! Merf has committed to Chaos-Only Tequatl Raids!

P.S. Bonus content! Thank you to Atlantino (Senpai) for the following screenshot.

June 17, 2014: Changes to Raid Times & Other Stuff

There was a patch today! The raid times for the every boss was modified! Please wait while the [TTS] leaders figure out the schedule; the latest official info will be announced at ttsgamers.com! (Info)

Many "Boss Timers" websites have already been updated. For example, check out Dulfy/that_shaman's timer.

There was a change to the terrain at Crimson wurm as well. The cliff behind the wurm now has a ramp! It should be much easier to run from yellow extractor to blue extractor now. Trying to get a screenshot of Deathrifoofoo dead will be more difficult now. ;_;

The main Teamspeak server will also be back up soon! (Info) (Update: It's back up now!)

June 16, 2014: Surprise Teq with Merf at OCE

During the Oceanic raid, an anonymous player from guild [TD] spawned a surprise Tequatl on Merforga's map before setup occurred and nearly a hour before the expected auto-spawn time! Chaos Tequatl engaged!

"This is how good we are. We beat Teq before it spawns on the other maps!"
- Merforga

P.S. Grats to Atlantino (Senapi) for becoming an OCE Probie! Everyone tell him congrats!

June 14, 2014: A Glimpse Into the Life of a Black Lion Trader

Today, during the EU Wurm raid, the Cobalt condition team fashioned an amazing tale about the life of a Black Lion Trader. While Devalicious was explaining the Cobalt Wurm fight, the cobalt condition team got bored. Shingotroun wondered what it would be like to work for the Black Lion Trading company as a field agent. Atlantino, a.k.a. King Senpai then developed a brilliant piece of literature in response.

Atlantino, a.k.a. King Senpai and Shingotroun bring you A Glimpse Into the Life of a Black Lion Trader. An excerpt is given below:

Jimmy and the others assembled in front of the newcomer, a ragtag bunch of humans with seemingly little in common. The charr lowered its head as it spoke,
“J. Tequatel,” Everyone turned to look at Jimmy, the speaker continued, hints of despair in his voice,
“You’ve been summoned.”
The response was instantaneous, the glass fragments of his shattered illusion fell to the ground, their sound mimicking that of the rain. The charr turned away, not able to look the others in the eyes. The crowd now swarmed Jimmy, grasping at him, reaching out to touch their already dead friend. Jimmy himself was too stunned to move, he was about to retire and then he got summoned, and so randomly too. Finally he hung his head, accepting his inevitable fate. He burst through the crowd running just outside so that no one would see his tears which, once he was outside, were indistinct with the falling rain.

We highly recommend that you read it in its entirety: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cAWN6QNwNOTXwYqT3QPOI-ZfkCruqXL2ZQe3QLRhf7s/

Taysyl produced a splendid live reading of the story. We were unfortunately unable to acquire the reading in its entirety. Here is a small excerpt however:

June 12&13, 2014: New Probies!

June 12, 2014 Update: Cheers for Sasu for becoming a probie!

June 13, 2014 Update: Cheers for Holy Runner and Ventaurion for becoming probies!

P.S. Please send us pretty screenshots of your characters!

June 11, 2014: Dj Becomes Leader!

Congrats to Djeserit for passing her leader test! She is one of our beacons of reason and tranquility! <3 Tell her congrats!

June 9, 2014: Paddy Becomes Leader!

Congratulations to Janina the Ascended for passing his Leader test! Yays for Paddy! Tell him congrats!

June 8, 2014 P2: National Xandaru Day

It's Xandaru's birthday!!! Everyone sing a song and tell him HAPPY B-DAY!

P.S. Xandaru, when are you going to upload your Teq song to Soundcloud and give us a link?!


June 8, 2014 P1: Civility and Boss Blitz

We would like to remind everyone of TTS Ettiquette, which applies to all TTS related activities including Boss Blitz runs in ts2.ttsgamers.com. TTS does not tolerate harassment and bullying.

Zarzag has posted an important memo that everyone should read: http://ttsgamers.com/civility-and-boss-blitz/.

June 5, 2014: 6 AM UTC No-Defense Soren's Wild Wednesday!!!

Soren's Wild Wednesday was amaaaaaaaaaaazing!

The original Wild Wednesday plan was for everyone to only use off-hand weapon skills during the Tequatl run!

Unfortunately we didn't have enough people at the start, so it turned into a no-defense (all-zerg) & Dorito-party run!!

So much fun! Batteries almost died and we almost ran out of time!!!

The usual crew of Soren+Kenage+Corin+Xandaru and many other leaders/probies including Zarzag, Diviner, MoS, Brother Andres, Revenge X, and Paddy were there!

Watch Kenage's recording of the run here!!! http://www.twitch.tv/ttsgamers/b/535559061

P.S. Congratulations to Cyprien for becoming a probie!

June 3, 2014: ANET's B-Day Gift - No Reflects!

ANET gave Deathrifoofoo a belated birthday gift today! The Triple Headed Wurm's egg spits cannot be reflected anymore as of today's patch.

Tomorrow's EU Teq raid has been cancelled by Feo for now. It's going to be Wurm Wurm Wurm!

8:22PM UTC - Arcane Echos (Pyro), Cade Sinclair (Ogre), Krank Haus + Staler (Boom Boom), Maylen Lupa (Sparcus), Junichiro Tokuoka (Pony), and Brilliant Abyss (Wiggins) tied the record of 3 minutes 48 seconds left on the clock for the Boss Blitz!

Please vote @ http://strawpoll.me/1818165/ for whether "Deathrifyerr should cosplay" at PAX. Please select option 3!

Image credit to Regenfang

P.S. Congratulations to Brother Andres for becoming a TTS Leader!

June 2, 2014: National Deathrifoofoo Day!

It's Deathrifyerr's birthday today! Everyone tell him Happy B-Day and send him 7 SILVER & A STACK OF GRUMBLE CAKES!!! (this is an official TTS decree issued by Xandaruuuuuuu Pebblemen)

We had a wonderful Probies-led only Wurm run today during EU primetime! Bro Andres led Amber, Djeserit led Crimson, and Paddy led Cobalt! They got the kill!

Also, as you all can see, there hasn't been much news on Feofans recently. That is because nobody is submitting any news! Ahhhhh!! So we need more people to e-mail us about interesting things that are happening in TTS more often!!!!!

P.S. Diviner, Corin, Soren, Paddy, Djeserit, Brother Andres, and Oatmeal, can you e-mail us pretty screenshots of your beautiful characters so that we can make updated avatars? Many thanks!

May 29, 204: New Leaders (Promotions!)

Congratulations to Oatmeal Savage for passing his Leader test last night! Yays for Oatmeal! Tell him congrats!

Congratulations to Revenge X for passing his Leader test tonight! Yays for Revenge! Tell him congrats!

May 27, 2014 P2: 11:35 Teq Record, 1:02 Wurm Record

Deathrifoofoo led an all out Teq Run at NA primetime and achieved an amazing record of 11 minutes 35 seconds left on the clock! Roxanna the Oracle delivered the video above! Thanks so much! <3

Diviner, Djeserit, and Deathrifoofoo led the Wurm NA primetime and achieved a record of 1 minutes 2 seconds left on the clock (exact time is disputed but insured by Radiant Silver)! Clearly leaders whose names start with "D" need to be nerfed!

May 27, 2014 P1: Deathrifyerr's Death Caught on Tape!

Today we show you all the wonderful submissions that have been coming in! Feo stil hasn't made any decisions yet! Keep those submissions coming!

Exhibit A - May 19th: Excalibur (http://www.twitch.tv/followexcalibur/profile) submitted the following video of Deathrifyerr falling off the cliff at Crimson Wurm and DEAD! http://www.twitch.tv/followexcalibur/c/4286918

Exhibit B - May 22nd: Gnab caught Deathrifyerr leaping through through a flame wall at Sparcus and DIE! Such a fantastic video!

Exhibit C - May 23rd 2PM EST: Dark Spadaa submitted the following screenshot of Deathrifyerr DOWNED at Cobalt Wurm!

Exhibit D - May 23rd 6PM EST: Zeinath submitted the following screenshot of Deathrifyerr DOWNED at Pyro in Queen's Pavilion!

May 25, 2014 P2: Queen's Pavilion 3 min 48 sec Record

There are reports that there was a 3:48 record set. If anyone knows who the commanders were for that map, please e-mail us. Thanks!

May 23, 2014 P2: Paddy SINGS: The Death of Deathrifyer

Paddy, the Maestro, debuted this masterpiece on May 21st, 2014. A beautiful male vocalist piece titled The Death of Deathrifyer.

May 23, 2014 P1: Queen's Pavilion 3 min 15 sec Record

Foofoo, Diviner, Sir Sykez, Revenge X, Kalak Armstrong, and Gwydion Garanhir achieved a Queen's Pavilion record of 3 minutes, 15 seconds left at 5:29AM. It was a chaos run with no setup and instant donate-to-start!

Multi-Commander Strategy...

Unedited audio transcript of final two runs of Foofoo's Madness that occurred after the record breaking run (an interesting listen):

May 22, 2014 P1: Roxanna Tells a Tale Part 2

Tonight, Roxanna the Oracle, in the presence of Paddy's Amber-Killers, continues onto part 2 of The Epic of Deathrifyerr... The Legend of Ymir. The following is faithful reproduction in written form.

"Long ago when the world was young and tumultuous, a guardian by the name of Deathrifyer rose to power with the aid of the cursed Banalion. As king, he led an army to tame the rampant wilds. His target this time was a creature born of malice and spite: The Triple-Head Wurm. Deathrifyer split his army in three in order to decapitate all of its heads. Brave Deathrifyer charged himself with slaying the most dangerous head - the Amber head.

In his group of brave men, was a young captain named Ymir Sjolfursson. Deathrifyer tasked Ymir and his men with the deadly task of preventing the wurm from spawning its demonic grubs. Although a daunting task, Ymir and his men were up to it for he had a secret ability: a secret incantation. [REDACTED] As the battle approached, all were nervous but not Ymir. Ymir and his men charged headfirst into the wurm's attack. As the wurm reared up his head to spit out its offspring, Ymir whispered the ancient incantation,

"Cheeseburger! Cheeseburger!"

The spell unleashed its powers and confused Deathrifyer rendering him unable to lead. With the spell's help, the army was led to victory. Thus was born the legend of Ymir, the Cheeseburger Reflector.

The moral of the story is: a confused Deathrifyer is a good Deathrifyer." - Rox H

May 21, 2014 P1: Queen's Pavilion Continued

As of 7:49 PM, the current record is 2 minutes, 54 seconds left on the clock set by Foofoo, Feo, Junichiro Tokuoka, Revenge X, Legend + Sasu, and Brother Andres!

May 20, 2014 P2: Queen's Pavilion on Gold Chest Farm Status

As of 2:36 AM server time, Queen's Pavilion is on gold chest farm status using the 6-commander strategy! Thank you Radiant Silver, Deathrifoofoo, Amamoria, Revenge X, Sasu, and Paddy! Other leaders and commanders were also present in the groups!

1 minutes, 18 seconds left is our record as of 3:23 AM, May 20

We have been rotating the commanders in a clockwise manner after each run! Still spamming the event through the 1-hour patch.

Kaepora, Legendaryjoee, Brother Andres, Lordapollo, M.o.S., and Zackh have been running the second map post-patch!

May 21st update: The current record is 2 minutes, 54 seconds left as of 7:49 PM, May 21 (set by Foofoo's map)

May 20, 2014 P1: Bazaar of the Four Winds and a Reminder About Community Respect

Is everyone having fun with the new patch that came out today? The Bazaar of the Four Winds is out!

We want to remind everyone that [TTS] is a community where we foster friendships and constructive relationships with one another so that everyone has the most fun. Interpersonal respect is the foundational pillar on which all communities, including TTS, is built.

Each TTS leader is a hero deserving of appreciation. The leaders sacrifice their free time for the benefit of all community members. They are reknowned for their dedication to the community, and the amount of work involved is deceptively substantial.

Today, we had an isolated incident in Teamspeak where a TTS leader was inexcusably assailed by an unidentified member.

Zoria is a veteran community leader whose devotion, generosity, and skills are unequivocally superb. If you see Zoria in Teamspeak, please let her know how much you appreciate her work. If you see Zoria in-game, whisper her telling her how amazing of a TTS leader she is. Zoria Z reads all of her in-game mail every time she logs on. Please send her mail showing your support and encouragement.

When a new in-game event is released, it takes time to learn the mechanics and practice the optimal solutions. Community leaders are always doing the very best to make sure that activities go as smoothly as possible. Please be patient and hang on tightly!

Thank you everyone! Go out there and have fun!

May 19 3PM PST BREAKING NEWS! There are reports that Deathrifoofoo's death has been caught on VIDEO!! Stay tuned for more updates in the near future ....

May 19, 2014 P2: Rachel Roqux Sets New Amber Wurm Record!

Congratulations to TTS OCE Leader Rachel Roqux for setting the new Amber Wurm Head Kill Record with an amazing 1 MINUTE, 10 SECONDS left on the clock! Everyone message her and tell her congrats!!! If anyone has a screenshot of the kill (or of Rachel ^_~), please send it our way!

Rachel, feel free to e-mail us if you have any comments, screenshots, or shoutouts! Also let us know if you want a title or fun nickname!

May 22 6:30PM Update: Brother Andres has tied the 1:10 record at Amber.

May 19, 2014 P1: Feo Does More Stuff

We have more submissions from the community! Thank you soooo very much to submitters RF, SC, and TM!

May 18, 2014 P3: Roxanna the Oracle Tells a Tale

Roxanna the Oracle, under heavy influence, blessed Queen Zoria "Zojja" Z's royal court with the following tale on May 18, 2014 at 18:27 on the shores of the Splintered Coast...

"A long time ago an ancient monster with the head of a lion and the body of a banana terrorized a desert village. Feodathir, the head of the village, hired a Banalion hunter by the name of Deathrifyerr to stop the banalion's reign of terror. Deathrifyerr eagerly accepted the hunt and trekked for days through the desert to hunt the banalion. He searched for days on end, but could not find a trace of the banalion. Death was demoralized. However, just as he had given up hope, he discovered the tracks of the banalion. He was just about to follow the tracks when suddenly... popping up out of the sand was a person named Mindu Highwind. He said this to the banalion hunter: 'No Death those are not banalion tracks! Those are sandpeople tracks! They always ride single file to hide their numbers.'

The end.

But the real ending was that Death fell in love with the Banalion. They went back to terrorize Feo and destroy her bear sanctuary." - Rox H

We at Feofans are worried that whatever Roxanna is having is too strong for her.

Also, everyone congratulate Queen Zoria "Zojja" Z on acquiring her first Mini Wurm pet! She is so happy about her super cute mini wurm! ^_^

May 18, 2014 P1: Official Feodathir and Paddy Decrees Regarding Raid Records and the Ongoing Deathrifoofoo Hunt

First of all, Happy Birthday to Cyprien! Everybody send him cake!!!

Feodathir Princess of TTS and Dragonslayer Paddy - "Janina the Ascended" have officially announced the following bounties and rewards!!!

The records for TTS raids are as follows as of May 18, 2014:

P2 Cobalt Head 1 minute, 16 seconds left pre patch Metavox
P2 Crimson Head 1 minute, 9 seconds left pre patch Feo
P2 Amber Head 1 minute, 8 seconds left Delicious Deva
P2 All Three Heads 55 seconds left Delicious Deva, Feo, Deathrifoofoo
Tequatl 10 minutes, 34 seconds left Deathrifoofoo

If we beat the 55 seconds records, the following will happen:




Hear, hear! THE HUNT FOR Foofoo CONTINUES! Super-Duper Rich Princess Feo has officially announced the following bounties for screencaptures of Deathrifoofoo in the following "predicaments". The first e-mail submissions to Feofans.com will count.

Deathrifoofoo downed 7G, 7S, 7C
Deathrifoofoo defeated 77G, 77S, 77C
Deathrifoofoo defeated in PvP with Llama or Quaggan finisher! 100 GOLD

Feo's coffers have already been prepared!

  • The first e-mail submission that is approved by Feodathir counts! (we will forward submissions to Feo)
  • Make the screenshots pretty!
  • Zoom in as close as possible!
  • Deathrifoofoo's body must be clearly visible!
  • Bonus style points if you /rank on top of Foofoo and /dance

May 17, 2014: Feo Leads Tequatl Raid and the Hunt for Minou's Face Continues

We have our first submissions for the Feofans.com gallery courtesy of Tutu of Destiny of Paddy's "Fab Five" ERT! Thank you Tuturu for the screenshots! This raid happened on May 17, 2014. Remember you can make submissions too! Email us your screenshots/videos!

We just want to remind everyone that Minou's contest is still going on. The first person who can take a screenshot of Minou's exposed face (he is always wearing a helmet) will receive three hundred (300) gold and hear Minou sing a ROMANTIC LOVE SONG in FRENCH! The current community strategy is to lure Minou underwater so that he is only wearing an aquabreather. Unfortunately, Minou has not taken the bite and is careful about never going near water. Everyone keep trying!

May 14, 2014: Feofans Not Affected by TTS Drama

On May 14, 2014, there was a little hiccup that affected the TTS community. But there is nothing to worry about! The Feofans.com Fan Club was not affected! Feo is still happily living in the TTS community. Deathrifoofoo is also still located within TTS but the manhunt is ongoing. It appears that Deathrifoofoo, the "Master Lootstick-er", is immortal and no one has been able to get a screenshot of him dead. No one has made a submission yet. He was last seen energetically swinging his Twilight at a wurm head.

If you are still worried about TTS in general, don't worry! Everything will be okay. Ohmikron has made an official statement here (http://ttsgamers.com/ttss-current-status/) and a Reddit post here. Everyone thank Ohmikron and Mindu "Minou" Highwind for being the mediators! In-game activities will continue as before.

May 13, 2014: Deathrifoofoo Threatens Peace of Ty(i)ra

On May 13, 2014, the heartless villain Deathrifoofoo(yer) destroyed the peace of Ty(i)ra by DELETING Feo's Bear Sanctuary channel in Teamspeak. The cute bears must be AVENGED.

Deathrifoofoo is wanted DEAD OR ALIVE. Please submit your photos of his capture to submit@feofans.com (If you see Deathrifyerr DOWNED or DEFEATED, quickly take a screenshot. Email us the screenshot and we'll post it up on this website and give you an award!)

Sadfeo is also accepting donations in 7 copper increments in order to rebuild the bear den. Please send her 7 copper if you can spare it! Save the cute animals!